Accomodation costs

Potenza offers a good quality of life at a reasonable price, like all the provincial towns in the Italian centre/south.
The cost of living in Basilicata is lower than in the North of Italy and you can live comfortably without spending too much.
Accommodation is the highest part of the cost; the average rent for a room in a private apartment in the centre of Potenza starts from € 150/180 a month excluding gas, electricity and water bills.

To help you in planning your budget at our State Conservatory, here is an example prices' list:

bread (0,5 kg): 1 euro
milk (1 lt): 0,80 euros
sugar (1 kg): 1,20 euros
pasta (0,5 kg): 0,40 euros
oranges (1 kg) 1 euro
pizza: 5 euros
espresso coffee (1 cup): 0,80 euros
bus ticket (1 hour) 1,20 euros

please write to our erasmus staff for more info.