Italian conservatoires do not use the campus system  as do the conservatoires in  English speaking countries. As an established university town, Potenza offers a wide range of accommodation for the students of the “Gesualdo da Venosa” Conservatoire.
The Potenza Conservatoire has a long-term collaboration with the Erasmus Student Network at the University of Potenza and of Basilicata whose staff offer continuing help to foreign students to find accommodation in private apartments.
The students usually share a flat in the town centre with other Italian or foreign students. The monthly rent for a bedroom is approximately € 150. This cost does not normally include gas, water, electricity and telephone charges nor their share of the general condominium expenses. In most cases the owners require the payment of a deposit of two months’ rent. On completion of the rental agreement, the deposit will be returned.
It is the student’s responsibility to find accommodation for the entire period of the Erasmus exchange.
We suggest that you rent a room in a hostel for the first few days of your stay in order to have time to choose the most appropriate accommodation.
For further information, contact our Erasmus staff.