Student Entry

To be admitted the student needs to present the following documents:
- Erasmus Student Exchange Application Form (for study purposes)
- Learning Agreement (for study purposes)
- Covering Letter in English, French, Spanish, German or Italian explaining the student’s reasons for choosing our Conservatoire and including the name of at least one preferred teacher.
- Student’s C.V. in English, French, Spanish, German or Italian, preferably using the Europass Form (
- Audio or Video Recording with a certificate of authenticity of the performers (for performers)
- A selection of at least three compositions (for composers)
- A document detailing past research work and describing a project to be studied at the Potenza Conservatoire (for students of musicology).
Academic Calendar
First Semester : 2 November – 28 February (application closing date: 1 June)
Second Semester : 1 March – 30 June (application closing date: 1 December)
Course List
We offer Bachelor and Master Courses in a wide range of subjects. Look through our course list in the Student Guide before completing your Learning Agreement. Bear in mind that for each course unit, the credits are awarded per entire academic year.

For more info, please write to: