Medical assistance

Using their European Health Insurance Card, every student from Europe and from the EEA States have direct access to ASL doctors (National Health Agency). Non-European students can request free registration to the SSN (National Health Service).
In Italy, the Emergency Medical Service is a free service of the National Health; a doctor can be contacted by phone – in case of emergency at night, at weekends and on public holidays – who will offer advice or, if necessary, will arrange a home visit. After an initial examination and diagnosis, a prescription will be written if necessary. The Emergency Medical Service can then issue a medical certificate or suggest hospitalization.
ASL Potenza: Guardia Medica
Address: Via P. Petrone c/o Centrale Operative 118
Telephone: +39 0971 425425
Potenza’s General Hospital is situated on the outskirts of the town, about ten minutes from the centre. To be admitted to hospital, you need a certificate from a doctor or from the Emergency Medical Service. In case of accident or emergency, call the emergency number 118 or go direct to the Accident and Emergency Section of the Hospital where initial treatment will be given.
For further information regarding the Potenza Hospital refer to:
Ospedale S. Carlo
Address: Contrada Macchia Romana, Potenza.
Telephone: +39 0971 516841 or +39 0971 611111
Web site:
Medicines can only be bought in pharmacies.
Information regarding opening hours, night and weekend opening times, can be found at or on the notice boards outside all the pharmacies in the city.
Pharmacies in Italy are distinguished by a green cross on a white background.